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An open wound is any internal or external injury that leaves internal tissue exposed to the external environment. People can sometimes treat acute open wounds at home with medications and natural remedies. However, people should seek immediate medical attention for severe wounds that involve significant bleeding or broken bones. Wounds fall into two broad categories: open or closed. In a closed wound, tissue damage and bleeding occur under the surface of the skin. Examples of closed wounds include bruises. An open wound involves a break in the skin that leaves the internal tissue exposed. Open wounds may result from falls, blunt trauma, and surgery. We will cover several types of open wound, as well as how to treat them, in more detail below. Some examples of open wounds include the following.


An abrasion wound occurs when the skin rubs or slides against a rough surface. Examples of abrasions include a scraped knee or road rash. Although abrasions produce very little blood, it is important to sanitize the wound and remove any debris to prevent infection.


A laceration is a deep opening or a tear in the skin. Lacerations usually occur from accidents or incidents involving knives, machinery, or other sharp tools. This type of wound may cause significant bleeding.


An avulsion involves forcefully tearing away the skin and underlying tissue. Avulsions can result from violent incidents, such as explosions, animal attacks, or motor vehicle accidents.


A puncture wound is a small hole in the soft tissue. Splinters and needles can cause acute puncture wounds that only affect the outer layers of tissue. However, knife or gunshot wounds can damage deep muscles and internal organs, which may result in significant bleeding.


An incision is a clean, straight cut in the skin. Many surgical procedures use incisions. However, accidents involving knives, razor blades, broken glass, and other sharp objects can cause incisions. Incisions usually cause heavy, rapid bleeding. Deep incisions can damage the muscles or nerves and will most likely require stitches.

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