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151 NW 11 St. Ste. E400, Homestead, FL 33030

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Community Health Center Physicians Providers Miami Dade Florida. Homestead Community Health Center in Miami Dade county, Florida provides high quality, comprehensive, primary and preventive medical, and behavioral health care services and education in an environment of caring, respect and dignity.... Read More

Diabetes Screening Miami Dade County Florida

Diabetes Screening Miami Dade County Florida. Diabetes is growing significantly in the United States, with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) stating that 9.4% of the country’s population (30 million people) has diabetes. Another 84 million have prediabetes, which can lead... Read More

Community Medical Center  Miami Dade Florida

Community Medical Center  Miami Dade Florida. Homestead Community Health Center serves patients in the residential and commercial Miami Dade / Homestead area. Our medical providers are highly trained and board certified from many diverse, cross-cultural backgrounds. The care and service they provide... Read More
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